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Facial Wash


Find all of our treatments we have on offer at a discounted price. Come see our Skin Care Specialists today to kick start your skin health journey.




The Ultimate Duo

Receive 20% off when purchasing Laser Genesis and Hydrafacial treatments together! 

Regular $485, Now $388 + tax! 

We are running a special on 2 of our favourite treatments! 

These 2 treatments compliment each other perfectly, maximizing results. You'll be seeing brighter, more hydrated and cleaner skin while targeting fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, brown/redness and pore size. 



Laser Genesis™ Facial

$300 | 60 mins

Laser Genesis is the latest addition to our services and is a unique microsecond procedure developed by Cutera for use on all skin types. Laser Genesis improves pore size and texture, targets diuse erythema and poikiloderma, improves  lines and reduces scars. Laser Genesis uses high-power microsecond pulses at high repetition rates to safely heat the papillary and reticular dermis, stimulating collagen and reducing diuse microvascular redness.


Pro Dermal Facial Power Peels

Starting at $160

Oxygenating / Brightening

Hydrating / Skin Renewal / Resurfacing

O Cosmedics professional-only O Pro Dermal Planning Series is a serious, corrective skin treatment that targets specific skin concerns using a series of Enzyme, Peptide, and Acid Peels. The range of signature peels is made available to be used in over 30 different combinations for skin solution flexibility and ultimate results. 

Please call us to inquire! 

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