We are so excited to offer this very special treatment in the salon. FlexSure is a wraparound RF device that offers hands-free skin tightening treatments. FlexSure has peel-and-stick single-use applicators that deliver deep tissue heating treatments to multiple body parts: abdomen, flanks, back, arms, buttock, thighs and above the knees

We treat all of these areas, and can customize a treatment schedule to suit your needs. 


FlexSure, uses the same technology as the TempSure treatment. It is a gentle, safe radiofrequency treatment that uses monopolar RF technology to bulk heat the deep tissues of the skin to trigger the skin's natural healing response. This in turn tightens the skin and encourages the production of new collagen. 

The FlexSure has special single use applicators that are divided into 6 sections to help better target your areas of concern. 

The videos below give a great rundown of what the treatment involves and what to expect throughout the treatment process. 



If you would like more information on this treatment including treatment pricing, or to organize a consultation with one of our aestheticians to see if this treatment will work for you please contact us at info@energywellnessmedispa.com or call 604-569-1949.